CAP Enterprises Ltd. is an Inuit-registered, NNI approved contracting company that was started in Gjoa Haven, Nunavut in 2002. CAP provides a variety of services – primarily heavy equipment and construction work. However, over the years CAP has expanded to include property management and airport maintenance services.

CAP has a subsidiary, the Gjoa Haven Bed & Breakfast, which is also an Inuit registered, NNI approved company. The Bed & Breakfast consists of 8 separate detached houses that can accommodate up to 34 people and is suitable for either short-term or long-term stays.

The B&B is also a registered outfitting company offering both accommodations and guided tours in and around Gjoa Haven.  Guided arctic adventure tours can include: sport fishing, igloo building, camping, bird watching, and proposed historical tours of the area (including Sir John Franklin & Roald Amundsen).

Please contact us for further information regarding pricing and availability.

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CAP Enterprises provides a variety of services within Gjoa Haven. Mainly rentals of heavy equipment and vehicles, but also new house construction and home renovation work. Each project is different and we are here to provide any necessary support services.

Available for rent:

  • Pick-up trucks
  • SUVs
  • Heavy equipment:
    • Loader w/ operator
    • Excavator w/ operator
    • Zoomboom
    • Dumptrucks
    • Skidsteer/backhoe
  • Generators
  • Compressors
  • Portable welders, cutting torches
  • Heaters, frost fighters
  • Plate tampers
  • Cement mixers
  • Assorted construction tools and services

Other services:

  • Heated storage
  • Secure storage area for materials and supplies
  • Full maintenance garage for vehicles and heavy equipment

Please contact our office for a price quote or to discuss how we can help to complete your Gjoa Haven project on time and on budget.

Click here for rental rates

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Gjoa Haven b&B

The Gjoa Haven B&B consists of 8 separate houses that can accommodate up to 34 guests. Accommodations are 2, 3 & 4 bedroom single detached houses. See price list below, rooms are subject to availability.

The B&B is an NTI Inuit firm and NNI registered.

Gjoa Haven B&B Price List – effective April 1, 2023

Lot#/AddressLocationHouse Type
(all detached)
Daily Room
(Up to 14 Days)
Daily Room
(Over 14 Days)
391/10 Den Dr.Uptown2 Bedroom$250.00$500.00
392/12 Den Dr.Uptown3 Bedroom$250.00$650.00
393/14 Den Dr.Uptown2 Bedroom$250.00$500.00
509/11 Seal St.Uptown3 Bedroom$250.00$650.00
216/2 Harpoon NAC3 Bedroom$250.00$650.00
268/10 Bay Elem School3.5 Bedroom$250.00$650.00
242/2 Spearhead Northern4 Bedroom$250.00$750.00
478/7 Porter CCC4 Bedroom$250.00$750.00

Each house is turn key and has all the amenities to suit your needs including:

  • Full kitchen – fridge, stove,  pots, pans, dishes, cutlery
  • On-site laundry – washer & dryer
  • Twin, dbl and queen beds
  • Satellite TV, internet & phone service (which includes free nationwide calling within Canada)
Accommodation is based on one person per room but additional beds can be provided for a nominal rate.

Reservations should be made in advance by email. Cancellations or changes within 7 days are free, otherwise 1 night’s charge will apply.

We accept cheque, credit card, EFT, or government authorizations.
  • All rental units are non smoking and set up so you can prepare your own meals.
  • Also please note that Gjoa Haven is a dry community in which alcohol is not permitted.
  • Rooms are subject to availability – advanced booking is strongly recommended.

Contact us to check availability and reserve your room today

PH: 867-360-6272

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Equipment Rentals

Equipment List and Rates – effective April 1, 2023
(Includes cost of fuel and operator – minimum charge is 2 hours)

7-9 cubic meter Dump Trucks$50.00$50.00$130.00$230.00 per hour
John Deere 160 LC Excavator$50.00$50.00$320.00$420.00 per hour
CAT 926 Loader/Forklift$50.00$50.00$320.00$420.00 per hour
Volvo 120 Loader/Forklift$50.00$50.00$320.00$420.00 per hour
CAT Zoom-Boom 1005$50.00$50.00$320.00$420.00 per hour
Gehl Skid-Steer$50.00$50.00$220.00$320.00 per hour
JCB Backhoe$50.00$50.00$220.00$320.00 per hour
Pick-up Trucks$300.00 per Day

We have smaller tools and equipment like cement mixers, generators, compressors, frost fighters, welders, cutting torch, a vehicle maintenance garage, and warehousing space.

We have 8 houses (2, 3 & 4 bedroom) in Gjoa Haven available for commercial accommodation. NNI approved and licensed.

Pit Run – cost is $95.00 per cubic meter. This includes excavation and loading at ocean quarry site, transport to Gjoa Haven, dumping and spreading at construction site, and normal compaction using our loader. Gjoa Haven is very sandy and we try to get the best pit run we can from what is available at the quarry.
Crushed rock – very little crushed rock is available in Gjoa Haven. The Hamlet owns a crusher and CAP can transport crushed rock from a faraway stockpile with Hamlet approval – price varies with distance.

PH: 867-360-6272
FAX: 867-360-7011

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For information or inquiries related to CAP Enterprises Ltd
please contact Charlie Cahill at:

Phone: 867-360-6272
Fax: 867-360-7011

CAP Enterprises Ltd.
P.O. Box 115
Gjoa Haven, Nunavut
X0B 1J0