Equipment Rentals

Equipment List and Rates – effective April 1, 2023
(Includes cost of fuel and operator – minimum charge is 2 hours)

7-9 cubic meter Dump Trucks$50.00$50.00$130.00$230.00 per hour
John Deere 160 LC Excavator$50.00$50.00$320.00$420.00 per hour
CAT 926 Loader/Forklift$50.00$50.00$320.00$420.00 per hour
Volvo 120 Loader/Forklift$50.00$50.00$320.00$420.00 per hour
CAT Zoom-Boom 1005$50.00$50.00$320.00$420.00 per hour
Gehl Skid-Steer$50.00$50.00$220.00$320.00 per hour
JCB Backhoe$50.00$50.00$220.00$320.00 per hour
Pick-up Trucks$300.00 per Day

We have smaller tools and equipment like cement mixers, generators, compressors, frost fighters, welders, cutting torch, a vehicle maintenance garage, and warehousing space.

We have 8 houses (2, 3 & 4 bedroom) in Gjoa Haven available for commercial accommodation. NNI approved and licensed.

Pit Run – cost is $95.00 per cubic meter. This includes excavation and loading at ocean quarry site, transport to Gjoa Haven, dumping and spreading at construction site, and normal compaction using our loader. Gjoa Haven is very sandy and we try to get the best pit run we can from what is available at the quarry.
Crushed rock – very little crushed rock is available in Gjoa Haven. The Hamlet owns a crusher and CAP can transport crushed rock from a faraway stockpile with Hamlet approval – price varies with distance.

PH: 867-360-6272
FAX: 867-360-7011